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the IT Service Desk at

There are two options for logging in to the Conestoga Employee Portal: Employee Email or Employee Number.
  1. For those who have an active employee network account, please log in with your current employee email and password. This includes employees who have already logged in using the second option and now have an active employee network account. Please note that the activation of an employee network account usually takes up to 24 hours after a contract is approved

  2. For those without an active employee network account:
    1. if you are a new employee, please log in using your seven-digit employee number and a default password of your date of birth (yyyymmdd).
    2. for new student employees, your employee number is the same as your student number; please log in with your employee number, and if you have previously accessed the Student Portal, you will use that password on the Employee Portal as well. If you have not changed your password on Student Portal, the default password will be your date of birth (yyyymmdd).